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Radio Mirror Park

Radio Mirror Park - радиостанция ведущего George Lewis Jr., который также известен как Twin Shadow. Музыка для хипстеров в Инди жанрах.

Жанры:  Synthpop, Indietronica, Electropop, New Wave, Chillwave, Nu-disco, Psychedelic Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, House, Dance-Punk, Electronic Rock, Synth Rock

"Indie modern rock from the underground."

Треклист станции Radio Mirror Park в GTA V:

Dom - Living in America
Poolside - Do You Believe?
Panama - Always
Holy Ghost! - Hold On
DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Outlines remix)
Cut Copy - Strangers in the Wind
Neon Indian - Polish Girl
Black Strobe - Boogie in Zero Gravity
Yeasayer - Don't Come Close
Health - High Pressure Dave
Tony Castles - Heart in the Pipes (KAUF remix)
Scenic - Mesmerised
Age of Consent - Colours
Toro y Moi - New Beat
Age of Consent - Heartbreak
Little Dragon - Crystalfilm
KAUF - When You're Out
Twin Shadow - Shooting Holes
Neon Indian - Change of Coast
Living Days - Little White Lie
The C90's - Shine a Light (Flight Facilities remix)
Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Baardsen remix)
Yeasayer - O.N.E.
Twin Shadow - Old Love/New Love
Mitzi - Truly Alive
Jai Paul - Jasmine (Demo)
Nite Jewel - Nowhere To Go
Hot Chip - Flutes
Battle Tapes - Feel the Same
The Ruby Suns - In Real Life
Miami Horror - Sometimes
Twin Shadow - Forget
The Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking
Yacht - Psychic City (Classixx remix)
Feathers - Dark Matter
SBTRKT featuring Roses Gabor - Pharaohs
!!! - One Girl/One Boy
Niki and the Dove - The Drummer
Toro y Moi - So Many Details
Favored Nations - The Set Up
DJ: Twin Shadow

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